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Amalfi Coast Shore Excursions

One of the most popular attractions in Italy is the stunning Amalfi Coast, with its picturesque towns and breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. If you’re arriving on a cruise ship at one of the ports along the coast, you’ll want to make the most of your time by booking a private tour with a knowledgeable driver.

Your driver will meet you directly on the pier where your cruise ship docks, ensuring a stress-free start to your day. From there, you’ll set off on an unforgettable journey along the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast. Depending on your preferences, you can plan your itinerary in advance via email or work with your driver to create a custom tour on the day of your visit.

As you wind your way along the narrow roads that hug the cliffs above the sea, you’ll pass through some of the most picturesque towns in Italy. These include the vibrant and colorful town of Amalfi, which gives the coast its name. Here, you can explore the charming streets and shops, taste the local delicacies, and admire the stunning cathedral that dominates the town’s central piazza.

Another must-visit town is Sorrento, which is known for its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples. This bustling town has a rich history, and there’s plenty to see and do here. You might visit the impressive Cathedral of Sorrento, take a stroll through the town’s lovely gardens, or simply relax at a cafe and watch the world go by.

Other towns that you might visit on your tour of the Amalfi Coast include Positano, Ravello, and Salerno. Each of these towns has its own unique character and attractions, and your driver will be able to provide recommendations based on your interests.

Throughout your tour, your driver will ensure that you have plenty of time to explore each town and take in the stunning views. They’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide insights into the local history and culture.

At the end of your tour, your driver will ensure that you arrive back at your cruise ship with plenty of time to spare. Whether you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveler, a private tour with a knowledgeable driver is the perfect way to make the most of your visit.

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Amalfi occupied a high position in medieval architecture; its Cathedral of Sant’Andrea (Saint Andrew, 11th century), the campanile, the Convent of the Cappuccini, founded by the Amalfitan Cardinal Pietro Capuano, richly represent the artistic movement prevailing in Southern Italy at the time of the Normans, with its tendency to blend the Byzantine style with the forms and sharp lines of the northern architecture.
Amalfi is the main town of the coast on which it is located, named Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast), and is today an important tourist destination together with other towns on the same coast, such as Positano, Ravello and others. Amalfi is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Positano is a small, picturesque town located on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. It is known for its stunning beauty, with pastel-colored houses cascading down the cliffs towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. The narrow, winding streets are filled with charming shops and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine. The beach is a hub of activity, with boats coming and going and people soaking up the sun. Positano is a popular destination for tourists, but it still maintains a laid-back, authentic atmosphere that makes it feel like a hidden gem.


Ravello was founded in the 5th century as a shelter place against the barbarian invasions which marked the end of the Western Roman Empire.
It’s one of the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast, the ideal location for those wishing to relax with delicious seafood meals and luxurious lodgings with restorative sea views.
Every year in the summer months, the “Ravello Festival” takes place. It began in 1953 in honour of Richard Wagner.

Conca dei Marini

The town which hugs the legendary cliffs of the Grotta dello Smeraldo and where the exquisite Santa Rosa sfogliatella was invented.
A picturesque and charming fishing village, the history of Conca dei Marini, like all the other towns of the Amalfi Coast, is closely related to the events of the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

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