• Location

    Usually 3 sites are visited.
    For example:

  • Duration

    8/9 hrs approx

  • Number of adults

    between 1 and 7

  • Included

    English speaking driver
    highway tolls
    Wi-Fi on board

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    tickets (exhibitions, special events, etc.)

Amalfi Coast private tour

Experience the breathtaking Amalfi Coast like never before with Sorrentours drivers. Our expert drivers provide professional service and cater to your every need during your journey.

Explore the charming and ancient villages of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Conca dei Marini, and many other hidden gems nestled along the coast’s prominent cliffs. Take in the stunning scenery as we stop at the most characteristic places on the coast, including the world-famous Emerald Grotto, upon your request.

We understand the importance of a satisfying meal, and thus we provide ample time for lunch or a quick snack during your visit to the coastal towns.

Additionally, we offer a unique opportunity to visit an oil mill and taste our typical local products, including the renowned extra virgin olive oil.

Our English-speaking driver is a true expert and passionate about every corner of the coast. Feel free to ask for historic information and discover the secrets of this land.

Choose Sorrentours drivers for an unforgettable experience along the Amalfi Coast.

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Amalfi is a picturesque coastal town in southern Italy, nestled at the base of dramatic cliffs along the UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast. Once a powerful maritime republic, it is now a popular tourist destination, known for its colorful houses, narrow streets, and vibrant piazzas. The town’s main attraction is the stunning 9th-century Amalfi Cathedral, dedicated to St. Andrew, featuring a mix of architectural styles. Amalfi offers delectable cuisine, vibrant lemon groves, and a range of water activities, making it a captivating Mediterranean retreat.


It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.

Positano, one of the main attractions of the Amalfi Coast, is famous for the many staircases that from the top of the village connect the upper districts with the valley area.
The main beaches are Spiaggia Grande, Fornillo, La Porta, Fiumicello, Arienzo, San Pietro, Laurito and Remmese, some of which can also be reached by sea.


Ravello is a charming hilltop town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, known for its breathtaking views, historic villas, and lush gardens. Perched 365 meters above the Tyrrhenian Sea, it boasts a rich cultural history, with ties to artists and musicians. The Villa Rufolo, with its stunning gardens, and the Villa Cimbrone, featuring the famous Terrace of Infinity, are must-see attractions. Ravello hosts the annual Ravello Festival, a celebration of music and arts, which attracts visitors from around the world.

Conca dei Marini

Locked in a rocky embrace, Conca dei Marini is an enchanting little town, home to just a few hundred inhabitants, who live in cottages, either on the beach or clinging to the cliffs.
Once upon a time Conca dei Marini, located between Amalfi and the Fjord of Furore, was nothing more than a tiny fishing village while today it is one of the Amalfi Coast’s most exclusive tourist destinations.

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